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Der Verein

Der Verein tanzimpulse Salzburg veranstaltet die Internationalen Ostertanztage, die Internationalen Herbsttanztage und seit 2001 die Salzburger Performance Tage. 2015 finden bereits die 25. Internationalen Herbst/Ostertanztage und die 15. Salzburger Performance Tage statt.


1990 tanzimpulse Salzburg started to organize Internationale Ostertanztage which is a workshop program not only for contemporary dance. It includes all kinds of dance and dance related workshops of body awareness like yoga, pilates, tai chi or sometimes even music workshops (drums, didgeridoo) or classes for actors. Since 1997 we have organized a festival in autumn called Herbst.Tanz Salzburg. 2001 Salzburger Performance Tage were added to our program to show participants of Ostertanztage Festival and others contemporary dance and performances while the workshops festival takes place. Also in 2001 we started to engage in workshops and performances with and made by disabled people, dancers and performers.


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